Here is the Tutorial how recover forgotten password of xp,vista, win 7?

(1)First you have to boot from another O.S like ubuntu, back track or any other which come in live cd format.Run O.S from cd.( you can also run O.S from pendrive ,it`s faster than cd)

(2)Copy "sam" & "system" file from this location C:/WINDOWS/SYSTEM 32/CONFIG (this files contain your password in NTML hash form) and save it in your pendrive.

(3)Now  We Want to get hashes from this file , there are different types of software available based on O.S. For windows i recommended  you "sam inside" .It`s easy to use. Download from here.

(4)Now you need other computer to run this file ,because it`s windows compatible program, so copy this "sam" & "system" file &this program in pendrive.

(5)Now open pendrive in your friend`s computer who has windows . Unzip sam inside & run the program.

(6)Now Import sam & system file in this software. it will show you username & passwords in hashes  form.

(7)now next step is to crack hashes. for this purpose you can use tools or online hash cracker.HERE is the   LIST OF ONLINE HASH CRACKER.(please view NTML HASH CRACKER).If you cannot crack online you should use tools like john the ripper , cain & able etc.

BUT IF YOU CANNOT DO THAT , THEN EASY WAY IS DOWNLOAD Ophacrack iso file form here. Burn into a cd and reboot pc. IT will do automatically for you.

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