If you run a .exe file with wine and see The file '/home/[username]/example.exe' is not marked as executable. If this was downloaded or copied form an untrusted source, it may be dangerous to run.For more details, read about the executable bit.or anything like that then: This tutorial is for you!

EDIT: (Actually, this will work on any linux computer but in fluxbox when you right-click on the .exe file and go to the permissions tab there is no mark as executable checkbox [for me] So we have no other choice but to do it via terminal)

The only thing we have to do is mark it as executable. [which will be explained below]

I will take the example of example.exe

It is located in /home/[username]/Downloads

First, I will go to home/[username]/Downloads or whatever the folder is

If you did this (go to the folder) with a file manager then (after you are in the folder where the .exe file is present) right click on an empty space on the folder---> then click open in terminal.

A terminal should pop up.

in the terminal type ls

just to see if your file is there. If it isn't then you are not in the correct folder. NOTE: The file should NOT have any spaces. If it does then go back to the folder where it is and right-click it and click Rename then delete the spaces then continue:


chmod 544 example.exe

(Replace example.exe with your .exe file)

Now go to the .exe file with your file manager. You should see a lock on it. This means that it is executable.

Click on it. It will open! If it doesn't then either the file can't be opened by wine or you need to upgrade your wine version

And that's the end of the tutorial!

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