If you installed metasploit from git repository then you donot face any problem with SET. But If you have installed metasploit from its binary version then when you tried to running social engineering toolkit metasploit attack then might be you get error of some ruby bundle. Here is solution of that problem. I tested on SET Version: 5.2.1 & metasploit v4.6.2-1.

We are going to install Ruby 1.9.3 using RVM. Running all this command in msf3 folder

root@bt:~# cd /opt/metasploit/apps/pro/msf3/

root@bt:/opt/metasploit/apps/pro/msf3# bash -s stable < <(curl -s 
root@bt:/opt/metasploit/apps/pro/msf3# source /etc/profile.d/
root@bt:/opt/metasploit/apps/pro/msf3# rvm -v 

Once RVM is up and running we need to get a couple of libraries that will be required by the Ruby installation:
root@bt:/opt/metasploit/apps/pro/msf3# for package in zlib openssl libxslt libxml2; do rvm pkg install $package; done 

And finally the Ruby 1.9.3 runtime: 

root@bt:/opt/metasploit/apps/pro/msf3# rvm install 1.9.3
root@bt:/opt/metasploit/apps/pro/msf3# rvm 1.9.3 --default
root@bt:/opt/metasploit/apps/pro/msf3# ruby -v
root@bt:/opt/metasploit/apps/pro/msf3# gem install bundler
root@bt:/opt/metasploit/apps/pro/msf3# bundle install

Now open set from its path ; before running set type command like below
cd /pentest/exploits/set

source /etc/profile.d/

rvm 1.9.3 –default


Now you can use any metasploit attack from SET .

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  1. Thats a pretty easy metasploit problem solving. It's even better taht this literature writing guide. I especially like how yo u manage to do it in so elegant and effective way.